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High School Bully Romance

Broken Revenge – A High School Bully Romance 

 A beautiful girl bent on revenge. A broken boy determined to make her leave. A single vow could break them.

 Had I taken it too far? Probably, but there were no rules for teaching people how to be decent human beings.

The students at Franklin Academy think they can terrorize and bully their peers? Well, they’re about to get a taste of their own medicine.

I’ve done my homework, found their weaknesses, and prepared myself for what’s to come, but what I didn’t count on is senior Kit Harrison, the hot, infuriating leader at the top of my list.

He’s everywhere I go, he’s caught on to my game and now it’s about to get dirty.

I don’t recognize the person I’ve become and I’m afraid I might lose myself, to their demons and my own but what these entitled kids don’t understand is the loyalty and love that’s brought me to this place…and I’m not leaving without my pound of flesh.

Broken Revenge is a hot high school bully romance. If you like romance with a lot of dark characters, spice, and a little sugar, then you’ll love this book. This is a standalone novel and contains strong language, violence, and sexual situations some may find triggering.

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Supernatural Romance

Witch Unknown – Book One of the Holloway Witch Series 

A lonely girl with a witchy heritage she knows nothing about. A 300-year-old sexy shifter with a grudge. Fate’s wicked plans have brought these two together – and an embarrassing first encounter could be lead to their destiny.

I’ve lost the last of my immediate family to a series of tragedies, and my newfound Aunt has whisked me away to a small town, a new school, and a McMansion. (Where was this wealthy, suspicious great aunt when we couldn’t afford to buy milk and ate dry cereal instead?)

Not only that, but the door barely closes on my new digs and she’s on the way out – leaving me alone.

And – of course, because, hey – if it can happen – it will, I clash with my new classmates and hunky teacher on my first day. How was I supposed to know he’s a 300-year-old wary wolf? Now my mere existence has pulled me into the unknown, and I’m forced to face my destiny including a dark passenger, greedy supernaturals, and a bunch of shifters I love to hate (and if I’m being honest, hate to love). It’s all barreling down on me and if I don’t accept my fate and – ugh – learn to trust, I may lose not only myself but everything I’ve come to hold dear.

Witch Unknown is book one of a fantasy supernatural romance filled with lots of sexy sparks between a brooding but hot shifter and a strong but struggling witchy woman. It contains strong language, violence, and sexual situations some may find triggering.

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