Broken Revenge

A High School Bully Romance Standalone

They say revenge is a dish best served cold and if the icy cold feeling wrapped around my chest means anything…I agree.

But I wasn’t prepared for Kit Harrison, the bad boy at the top of my list. He’s everything I assumed him to be, so why can’t I resist?

It doesn’t matter, I’m here for one thing only…except, the further into the game I go, the less I recognize myself. Am I losing to their demons or my own?

I guess I’ll find out because Kit and his minions don’t understand—I’m not leaving without my pound of flesh. It’s about to go down. Can I see this through to the end? Or will I fall under the spell of the boy I came to ruin?


An MMA Romance

For the first time in forever, I feel alive but I’m up to no good and I suspect the gorgeous MMA fighter isn’t going to care about my excuses when he discovers my lies.

Was it just yesterday that I lamented my dull life? Now I’m working for the mob under threat of my sister being hurt, wearing a tiny dress better fit for a doll and praying to a god I don’t believe in that my new mark will take the bait.

Except I quickly learn that if I want to be a part of the gorgeously stubborn MMA fighter’s inner circle, I have to be better than the groupies he surrounds himself with. This is where it gets tricky and maybe I should have thought better of my scheme but I have to save my sister and I’ll do anything it takes…including Cooper Jackson.

Good thing he’s no slouch. The problem is, the further into this mess I go, the more I wonder, just who’s playing who here?

I thought I was saving my sister. Turns out, I may not even be able to save myself. Now it’s just a matter of time…I’ve jumped from the mafia fire into the Cooper Jackson inferno. Who’s gonna save me from the blaze?

★★★Clinch'd is a standalone, MMA romance. If you like fiesty heroines, and dark twists and turns, then you’ll adore Nina Lincoln’s steamy angst.