The Hate Series

Hate So Bad

A High School Bully Romance

The Hate Series  | Book 1

You’ll never survive here, Princess. You’re weak. You can’t fight. You…don’t…belong.

I thought the hardest part of moving would be grieving my greatest loss. I thought wrong.

Dropped into a savage school with no rules where violence was king, I stood out like a sore thumb. But even if I ditched the button-down shirts and fancy loafers, how could I fit in when my new peers stared at me with cold eyes and darkened souls? These students practically begged me to speak so they could show me their pain.

All of which faded to nothing when I laid eyes on the beautifully cruel Colton Theroux. His derisive look declared I was lacking from our first connection. And when I refused to back down after a heated confrontation, he declared war. What followed was a game of hate that left me painfully exposed and raw.

His beautiful knowing eyes followed me wherever I went. His sexy smirk drove me insane. He wanted me gone, but with every cruel turn, I was only more determined to stay. For he didn’t understand, none of them did – the pretty princess they saw was nothing but a shell covering a soul just as dark and withered as theirs.

Hate me or love me, I would never back down again.

Will hate bring them together...or push them apart?

Hate So Good

A High School Bully Romance

The Hate Series  | Book 2

You made a mistake, Princess, a big mistake.

I've riled the beast, and now he's out for my blood, but what could I do when he crossed a line that should never have existed? He pushed me over the ledge and left me to my inglorious fall.

It's my senior year of high school. I should be learning how to live without my mom and enjoying the last of my freedom before the responsibilities of being an adult hit me. Instead, I've been battling the inner demons of a beautiful boy with a tin heart.

But I got my revenge, exposing him for the lying cheating jerk he is – except now, he's coming at me more passionately than before, and despite his hate, it's hard to look past the pain behind his beautiful eyes. He's the boy I might have loved, and I'm the girl he threw away.

I guess it doesn't matter because bad boy Colton Theroux never could understand that I'm not who I was, and I will never back down again.

He hates me so bad? Good…because I hate him too.

Can Finn forgive her bad boy?

Hate So Sweet

A High School Bully Romance

The Hate Series  | Book 3

That was fun…That’s it. Those are the only words Hayden Franks has condescended to speak to me since our sophomore year. Until today, until now…

My grandmother once told me I have the sight, and if she’s to be believed, the gift is given to those with blood so thick only the strongest can carry it on. And it’s this which convinced me at ten years old that I already knew who my soulmate was, but Hayden Franks, with his dark stare and sexy smirk, is no white knight, and I guess I’m no damsel in distress.

Either way…he’s my weakness, but now that he finally sees me, I fear it’s too late because even as my heart pounds to the beat of his darkness, I know - I’m broken, I’m bent, and I fear there’s nothing left of my desiccated soul.

For once upon a time, I thought I was special...and now I know I’m no more special than the next sad broken girl, only now I have the scars to show for it.

And Hayden Franks, the bad boy who looked past me? Well, maybe, just maybe, he is the one…because I can’t resist him, I never could…and with every dirty smile and moody stare, I see…it’s strange just how sweet hate can be.