Saints & Sinners


Saints & Sinners Series  | Book 1

I crawled through the ashes and reinvented myself...but what can I do when his darkness calls to mine?

It’s been a year since I stepped through the doors of Sterling High. A year since I reinvented myself and every day I put on my outfit of lies with a pretty smile but there’s a darkness lurking at the corners of my vision.

Moving here should have been the best thing that ever happened to me but the spoiled antics of my peers leave me with a cold heart. Not only that, but now I'm confronted with Ramsay and his wicked brother's in arms, all of whom, I've been avoiding since I came.

It's not his pretty eyes nor his devilish smile that have me hiding. Nope, it’s the affiliation I've been outrunning for 365 days. A lifetime. Not nearly long enough.

These boys with their little fiefdom don't scare me. I've seen true evil. But now, my worlds are about to collide. I can’t outrun my past and the present isn’t looking all that promising. Still, when Ramsay thinks to challenge me, I have no choice but to show my true colors.

Now the game is on…the question is…who will survive? My motto? Always bet on the unknown and I'm betting right about now…Ramsay has no idea what's about to hit him.

Author's Note: This book is part of a trilogy, although it can be read as a standalone. Ramsay and Willow's story is raw and beautiful but also contains strong language, violence and sexual situations that some may find triggering.


Saints & Sinners Series  | Book 2

He's my brother's best friend and the only guy I've ever loved. But he doesn't see me, not since…well. He doesn't. So why then can't I forget?


Saints & Sinners Series  | Book 3

They say the truth will set you free…I’m pretty sure whoever made that up wasn’t talking about the mess I’ve walked into.

With my sister’s death, I’m left picking up the pieces but when they all lead back to a man I wish I’d never met, I’m left with only one choice…Make him pay.

Except the further into this I get the more I wish I had left it alone. Nothing makes sense, not even sexy, devilishly smart, Oliver Goodlow’s veiled threats. Who killed Dixie? Why?

All questions I wish I had never asked because as it turns out, some things are better left buried. I’m running from a series of disasters while Oliver orbits around me. Is he threatening me or protecting me?

Whatever Dixie was into, it led me to the edge of my own destruction. I need help but I don’t know who to trust and if I make the wrong decision I could die. Is it foolish to follow my heart when my brain is screaming at me to run?

I guess I’m about to find out…

★★★Oliver is the final book in The Saints & Sinners series of high school bully romances. If you like innocent heroines and dark twists and turns, then you’ll adore Nina Lincoln’s steamy angst.