Broken and Beautiful

I heard a song the other day, a whimsical song created for a whimsical animated movie with cute little dolls meant to be ‘ugly’ on the outside, but surely beautiful within.

Of course, Kelly Clarkson can make a commercial for antacids sound pretty, much less this. But it wasn’t her powerhouse vocals that caught my attention and inspired a deep hard look into my soul, it was the lyrics.

I’m broken


it’s beautiful

As I listen to the lyrics, I realize that I can be and am both. My path has not always been straight, and my choices have not always been perfect. I’m not always nice. I’m not always put together. A lot of the time, I’m a mess. I’ve made huge mistakes. I’ve hurt others. I’ve hurt myself.

But I’m still me, and even broken…I’m beautiful.

This song, this realization, this mantra…It’s a gift, that sets you free.

Who we are?

We’re a little broken, messy and wrong. We’re also a little beautiful, strong and perfectly right

This…this is what I want to share, embody and write.

Love ~ Nina L

What about you? Are you broken and beautiful? Tell me your story!

Broken and Beautiful – Nina back to back in front of David Bowie mural.

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